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A Heroes FantasyA Heroes Fantasy

A Heroes Fantasy

An ongoing series of portraits in Havana. / "Realty makes us dream and dreams make us real." Heroes amd dreamers of everyday life.
Balanced VelocityBalanced Velocity

Balanced Velocity

Street Photography in Havana from the book " Havana Hours | enigma produnda “.
nude and profanenude and profane

nude and profane

An ongoing project about the fragment, the simplification, the silhouette of the body.
With Amaze and TrembleWith Amaze and Tremble

With Amaze and Tremble

An ongoing series of portaits of young woman in Havana. "We all need someone to look at us and there are people who live in the imaginary eyes of those who are not present. They are the dreamers."


An ongoing series of urban landscapes in the twilight that carries a secret in itself. / Cuba’s light resists memory, persists within itself, ignores us, owing to its otherworldly existence, its transparency”
To Be and ITo Be and I

To Be and I

Lose yourself in the world, so that they exist...
JR | portraitureJR | portraiture

JR | portraiture

This issue is a collection of Reichardt‘s latest portraiture work from 2016.


40 Pages with a collection of short storys : "Ein Tag zuviel" by Konstanze Seifert


16/17 Seasons issue for the Residenztheater München.
Havana Hours | enigma profunda

Havana Hours | enigma profunda

HAVANA HOURS | enigma profunda Photography by Joerg Alexander Reichardt Photo Book with 114 Images, 210 Pages Size 12’ x 12’ / 30 x 30 cm - Imitation of Innocence accompanying text by José Ramón Fajador Atanes / translation by Fruzsina Jesse at the blurb bookstore or download pdf of the book
God’s ViewGod’s View

God’s View

The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions on Ireland’s West Coast.